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Serious Disk Error and Recovery
by Garry Thomson

Hard disk crash can occur for various reasons including disk motor failure, broken read/write head, firmware corruption, burnt circuit board (PCB) and spindle failure. System BIOS cannot recognize such failed hard drives and fails to boot from them. Besides physical reasons, a hard disk might crash due to logical reasons too, which include file system corruption or operating system failure. Your hard drive stops working and you lose important data. In such situations if you don't have complete data backup or it gives errors, consult Hard Drive Recovery technicians. You might encounter the below error message while trying to start or use your Windows-based system: "Serious Disk Error Writing Drive " Where, 'X' represents the drive that is causing serious write errors. This error message indicates that system is unable to write any data to the disk.

A system fails to write data due to following possible reasons:
1. File system is corrupted or damaged
2. Damaged data
3. You are using a physically failed hard drive

Apply these measure to resolve the above issue:
1. Run CHKDSK to detect and repair file system corruption issues. It is the command-line tool that can also examine the disk surface for damaged data. In such cases, it gives you the option to discard or save the damaged data.
2. If CHSKDSK is unable to repair disk corruption or doesn't recognize the hard drive, the damage is physical. Thus, you need to replace the damaged hard drive and restore from backup. If no backup is available or it seems to be invalid, seek technical assistance from qualified windows data recovery service professionals.

Hard Drive Recovery service is the manual aid that recovery technicians provide to extract lost data from physically crashed drives. The service provided is also termed as data recovery service. They are trained professionals who examine and intermediately repair the failed drives with latest technical know-how. Based on the extent and type of damage, they perform steps such as repairing damaged hard disk internals, replacing hard disk components with compatible ones, making drive images etc.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the number one data recovery company providing safe and confidential Windows Data Recovery Software. Backed up with advanced recovery tools and techniques, Stellar's technicians deal with failed drives in sterile surroundings of Class 100 Clean Rooms. Its recovery solutions are available for all hard drives, including SCSI, SATA, IDE and EIDE

About the Author
Garry Thomson a student of Mass Communication doing research on windows data recovery software . He is also a freelancer for


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